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About IQOS – Viqos Company

Every year in the world millions of deaths from tobacco-induced lung disease occur. And even though there are alot of warnings for you, quitting cigarettes is hard for anyone who is a fan of white smoke. Understanding this, the emergence of electronic cigarette IQOS as the perfect savior for you.

What is IQOS?

IQOS is a breakthrough in the field of electronic cigarettes in Japan.

The essence of IQOS is the perfect combination between traditional electronic cigarettes and cigarettes. Accordingly, when using the product smokers will use electronic jack sets including IQOS holder and iQOS charger. Instead of using essential oils like conventional electronic cigarettes, IQOS smokers use traditional cigarettes to smoke.


The plus points of the IQOS electronic cigarette line

First: IQOS helps to reduce the toxic to 95% compared to traditional cigarettes thanks to high temperature heating technology: 300 degrees Celsius. The user will breathe through the steam and breathe out the steam. Therefore, it can be used even in closed environment, public places without affecting the people around.

Second: Do not cause bad smell, foul mouth or teeth like regular cigarettes.

+ Third: Goods to ensure the origin. Specifically, IQOS is produced by Philip Morris, the world’s largest tobacco company. So the product has been tested for quality and safety for users.

Wednesday: IQOS retains the original flavor of mainstream cigarettes rather than essential oils such as electronic cigarettes.

+ Thursday: Especially the compact design, fashion you can carry anywhere you want.

  • It is these great advantages that IQOS electronic cigarettes are being hunted around the world and become one of the tools for effective smoking cessation for many people.

Currently, IQOS electronic cigarettes have also been introduced into the Vietnamese market and received positive feedback. If you want to own a quality electronic cigarette IQOS quality, but do not know where to sell prestige, genuine guarantee, please visit the website immediately after the nhé! thuoclaiqos.com